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The Free Range Food Co was born out of our frustrations at being unable to source truly local, free range, ethically raised and traceable food in Gauteng.

We are situated on the tranquil Heversham Park Farm, affectionately referred to as ‘the farm’. The Farm is located in the scenic unspoilt Daleside Valley, just south of Joburg, and is overlooked by the majestic Paardekop. Our water supply comes from a natural spring, which is high in calcium and other minerals, ensuring that all animals (and humans!) that are raised on the farm are healthy and do not require any artificial supplements. The farm can trace its origins back to the turn of the previous century and it has an ethos of raising animals slowly and naturally. The Free Range Food Co’s dedication to these ancient and ethical farming methods means that our animals enjoy the best lifestyle possible, affording us the opportunity to produce healthy, superior quality products that can be enjoyed knowing their true provenance.

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what is traditionally free range produce?

In South Africa, there are no official requirements for the branding of produce as being “free range”. This often results in consumers being misled by unscrupulous producers. European Union Regulations differentiate between produce that is “free range” and the higher standard of “traditionally free range”. For example, traditional free range chickens must be raised until at least 81 days (as opposed to the norm of 33 to 40 days), and must each have two square metres of outdoor space to roam. The Free Range Food Co has adopted and exceeds the EU Regulations for traditional free range.