All of our free range produce is available for sale to the general public. We also supply a few carefully selected restaurants and distributors.

Due to our policy of following traditional farming methods which affords our animals the time to develop naturally at their own tempo, our stock levels and availability may vary from time to time.

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Whilst in South Africa there are no req1uirements for the labelling of products as being free range, which sometimes leads to confusion, The Free Range Food Co has adopted and exceeded the regulations and requirements of the European Union and we offer improved welfare to our animals beyond the norm.

why free range?

At the Free Range Food Co, we believe that meat should be something special, and that every time you sit down to a meal, it should be a mood enhancement in the ups and downs of another busy day.

However, the unfortunate reality is that most of the raw meat available in the shops is of pitiable quality, for the simple reason that consumers appear to be happy buying poor quality meat, as they are often unaware of its true provenance. And as long as consumers keep putting poor quality meat into their trollies without asking important questions such as: where it came from, what it was fed on, how it lived, how it died, and what has been added to it, then there is no need for the suppliers to source healthy, high quality, ethically farmed meat.

It was this exact dilemma that lead to our formation, as we believe that the catalyst for the growth of and necessity for ethical farming is the education of the consumer.

In the end, cheap meat is a false economy. This is because meat is a food for which quantity is never a substitute for quality. Once you have tasted a really good steak, we suggest you will never be tempted to swop it for half a dozen Big Macs. Similarly, a frozen chicken from an intensive production system, swollen by its unnatural appetite and drug-laced feed and water with which it has been injected, will taste pulpy and bland, and nothing at all like the real taste of a slow-grown, corn-fed bird which will leave you with a satisfied smile.

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